T-Shirt Tuesday: Homeland Security


Written on 4/29/2008 07:13:00 PM by Yvette St. John

Surfing around the web a while back, and I find a picture of Johnny Depp wearing this shirt...

And I LOVE it! (It probably doesn't hurt that I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan *wink*) Then randomly, the other day, Julia sends me a link where Jonathan Rhys Meyers is saying he admires JD's style....and specifically mentions this shirt!

Available for order HERE. As WestWindWorld says "no indigenous people were exploited in the making of this shirt"

Johnny Depp owns one. Jonathan Rhys Meyers wants one. What more needs to be said? ;)

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  1. Anonymous |

    The shirts are great if you can actually get one! IF they deliver the shirt, it takes over 2 months and if you attempt to find out when you might expect delivery, you are assaulted with verbal abuse, whether you call them or email them. Colleen Lloyd, the owner, is especially abusive. Good product, but could do without the anger issues.


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