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Written on 4/26/2008 12:21:00 AM by Y & J

Yvette: So, we were trying to decide on how to do the intro, but
Yvette: ran into a couple of .... shall we say, issues. ;)
Julia: Yeah...um...like we can't ever make decisions.
Yvette: Ever.
Yvette: Probably because we overthink things.
Yvette: And then do it all over again.
Julia: Except add to that, that we're total procastinators. So we put off the not-making of decisions.
Yvette: LOL. Very true.
Yvette: Why do today what we can put off until tomorrow?
Julia: Exactly. Except we really need to start posting here. No one wants to look at a blank page.
Yvette: Including us.
Julia: Especially us.
Julia: So...here's the intro post. Don't expect some eloquent, organized exposition on who we are or what we're about.
Yvette: Cuz you're not gonna get that.
Yvette: Oh, yeah. We tend to topic jump too. So when we do decide to do something, and do it now, then we keep getting off track.
Yvette: But at least we do it together - we have our own WiFi.
Julia: And if you like stream-of-consciousness thoughts, random video files, websites, observations on the world around us and info on all things Johnny Depp and Jonathan Rhys Meyers - you are SO in the right place.
Yvette: Oh absolutely!
Yvette: Because we'll cover all those topics and more
Yvette: I got a jar of dirt...
Julia: ...and guess what's inside it.
Yvette: Oh. Um. Sorry.
Yvette: Expect references to inane and funny things often.
Julia: And if you can't follow where it came from: ask.
Julia: We may or may not be able to give you that answer.
Yvette: With "may not" being a distinct possibility
Julia: Because, well, we live in our heads - (and each other's heads for that matter.) And because we've determined that real life...
Yvette: is overrated.

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