Buy a Contemporary - Save the World


Written on 10/25/2008 01:57:00 AM by Yvette St. John

This is being blogged about over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, and Dear Author...

And Now: Buy a Contemporary, Save the World

Here’s the deal: we dig this book. We dig this book like damn and whoa, and we think you will too. So, in order to spread the word and the opportunity to read it we’re doing a multi-level giveaway in tandem with our reviews of Flat Out Sexy.

Part the First: free books! Leave a comment, and you’re automatically entered to win a copy. We each have 10 copies of the book to give away, so drop a word here and at Dear Author and double your chances. Comments will be open for 24 hours starting now.

Second: Spread the Word! Below is a Sprout widget about our campaign, and a simpler animated graphic. Right-click-and-save the graphic, or grab the Sprout for yourself, and put it on your site. Let us know that you’ve done so via email, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the book, and a $100 gift certificate to, where you can buy many, many books. Oh, the delightful zest of the phrase, “Many, many books.” Spread the word, let us know, and you’re entered to win. That’s it.

So, grab the sprout for yourself. Check it Erin McCarthy's book Flat Out Sexy. I know I plan to ;)

Book Blogger Appreciation Week


Written on 9/05/2008 10:45:00 AM by Yvette St. John

We saw that Rowena blogged about this over at The Book Binge, and thought it was a great idea – especially as we’re just deciding our focus to be books, movies and other things that take us out of real life for a while ;) So we’re trying to spread the word, and of course participate!

My Friend Amy is putting together a Book Blogger Appreciation Week. The first of it’s kind. It's running September 15th thru the 19th! Check out Amy’s blog for more information.

What a great way to show appreciation and respect for our fellow book bloggers – and give them the kudos they deserve!

If you’re a blogger – Go Register! At the very least you get added to a Book Blog Directory.

If you’re a reader – Go Register!! Go Vote!! There are daily giveaways that you get entered into for registering!

Enjoy ;)

Pet Peeves


Written on 8/28/2008 04:45:00 PM by Yvette St. John

I have a ton of pet peeves. Things that irrationally annoy the hell out of me. I shouldn’t let them bother me like they do, but *shrug* who can help it?? Now my pet peeves range the whole gambit of life, from idiots that drive under the speed-limit in the passing lane to people that have more than 10/15/20 items in the “Express” lanes to liars, cheats and jerks.

Here though, I’m gonna talk about my book pet-peeves. Those things in novels (or about/associated with them) that just twist me up.

1. Improper spelling/grammar. Of course I know that there are going to be typos. I make a million of them myself. I know that occasionally a person is going to use an incorrect word that spell check simply won’t catch because it’s still a real word. I can forgive small things. Most of the time they don’t pull me out of the story. My problem is when they’re so glaring and obvious – and repeated – that I get annoyed. I can’t get into a story that has issues like this. It jars me out of it, and leaves me hanging. More often than not, I’ll remember the problems and not the story. And definitely walk away with the author firmly in my Never Buy Again list.

2. Inconsistencies. I tend to be slightly more forgiving of inconsistencies in a series. Especially one with a large intricate world, with lots of characters. But it still bothers me. I start to wonder which is correct. For example if I’ve been told for 4 books that a person has something specific and memorable, then suddenly in the 5th book it changes, I get annoyed. Wondering what the story is on why it changed, or if it’s just a mistake. But the inconsistencies that bother me the most are in single novels. 200 to 500 page paperbacks. No more than 3 or 4 main characters. How does a person go from lounging on the floor one moment to (a paragraph later) standing against the wall?? I can’t handle that. The action needs to at least be logical. I can fill in some blanks, but when there was obviously no movement – or there didn’t appear to be – how can I follow. I start to get lost in that instead of the story.

Are we seeing a pattern here? I get pulled out of the story and I get annoyed. LOL

3. This next one doesn’t pull me out of the story, but is my own little issue. I absolutely, positively can NOT read a series out of order. Now, I’ll clarify this slightly. As I usually don’t really get into short stories in anthologies, I don’t mind reading those out of order. But the main novels of a series? Absolutely have to read them in order. And here’s my problem. Series are NOT clearly marked 1. that they’re part of a series and 2. what book in the series they are. This is horrible! For example, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter novels are marked “A Dark-Hunter Novel.” Okay. That’s great. Obviously part of a series that has its own name. Which one is Night Play? Or Acheron? How am I supposed to know when I’m at the bookstore just browsing? (And SK’s books are just an example – there are far too many out there to name them all). So, I don’t buy the book. Or any by that author, because chances are if an author writes one series, they write other series – and how I am to know anything about any of them. I’ll try to write down or remember the author’s name and/or the name of the novel that looked interesting so I could check it out when I get home, but *shrug* I sometimes forget by the time I get there. Which results in lost sales. PUBLISHERS! Are you listening?? I impulse buy books. But I’ll quickly forget them if I get discouraged. It’s not hard to put on the spine: Dark-Hunter 1, Dark-Hunter 2. Wouldn’t take up much space. Honestly. Or even on the page where it lists “Other books by so-and-so” put the reading order. If I pick up a book that’s 5th in the series because it looks interesting, I’ll usually read up to that book at least. That’s 5 book sales lost by not having the damn order listed somewhere convenient.

4. Another thing that annoys me, and it’s a large reason that I don’t borrow books out a whole lot, are people that fold over pages. Or unnecessarily destroy the spine of a novel. Yes, it’s meant to be enjoyed. Yes, it’s meant to be read. But does any of that mean that you have to ruin a lovely item? Books are like … air to me. Precious and necessary to life.

I think I’ll leave it at that. No, this is definitely not an all-inclusive list, but it does cover some of the more Hulk inducing ones of mine.

What are some of your pet-peeves? If they’re something that can be fixed, what’s a possible solution?

To Spoil or Not to Spoil...


Written on 6/27/2008 07:23:00 AM by Yvette St. John

I got to thinking this morning about spoilers. There are a lot of books that I am waiting on, and some spoilers are all over the place, others - nothing.

Do you love spoilers? Avoid them like the plague? Or something in-between perhaps?

For me, I find it's different (and more/less difficult) depending on the book or series.

For example, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (by J.K. Rowling), I was adamant that I wasn't going to read ANY spoilers. Nothing even close. I didn't want to know anything before cracking open the book. And I didn't. I had friends (who didn't read HP) read reviews looking for anything spoiler related...they were my scanners ;) But it paid off, I opened that book at midnight not knowing a thing. Sure, I had my suspicions, but who didn't after so many years of speculating. And I'll tell you, it was validating to me to open that book while waiting in line, and see on the inside cover: No blurb. Nothing. Just a note presenting the final volume of the Harry Potter saga. It made it all worth it for me. And that night, and the next morning took me on a journey that I can never repeat without knowing. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

Now, Black Dagger Brotherhood (by J.R. Ward) I have such a hard time avoiding spoilers. I don't know what it is. I just can't resist. I want to know, and know NOW! LOL. I'll admit I got a lot of spoilers prior to Lover Enshrined. But it didn't ruin the story for me. I still had plenty of OMG moments. I have determined that I'm going to avoid spoilers for her next book, Lover Avenged, Rehv's book. I'm not reading anything about the book unless it comes from her mouth. LOL. Adamant.

Then there's the other kind. The part that just isn't interested in seeking out spoilers. I haven't read a single spoiler for Sherrilyn Kenyon's next Dark-Hunter book - Acheron. Not because I'm not excited about the story. Not because I don't LOVE Ash. Because I'm just not interested in spoilers, and I'm waiting (as patiently as I can) to find the journey that SK wants to take me on. Honestly, I don't even know if there are spoilers out there for Ash's book yet. And it's never occurred to me to go look.

So. How do you feel about spoilers? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Or does it just depend?

T-Shirt Tuesday - Tools


Written on 6/03/2008 08:49:00 PM by Yvette St. John

I started watching Dexter last year at the behest of a good friend. I *heart* Dexter. Such a great sense of humor, which I don't think a lot of people would see unless they're like me - LOL.

I saw this shirt, and immediately knew I had to share. ;)

Touch of Twilight in 160


Written on 6/02/2008 12:03:00 AM by Julia O'Keeffe

Third in the series. Animism, doppelgangers, and bad chi - oh my! Ben or Hunter... Ben or Hunter? A name is EVERYTHING. Zoe's return? Bring on the fourth!

The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson ~EOS Books



Written on 5/27/2008 08:37:00 AM by Yvette St. John

I don't have any excuse as good at Julia's, but I will be back soon as well.

I've been REALLY busy organizing and editing pictures - and promise to share some (along with my story of movie magic in Small Town, America) as soon as possible!

Technical difficulties...


Written on 5/26/2008 02:54:00 AM by Julia O'Keeffe

I've been gone for awhile but will be back soon. Real life really is overrated and has gotten in the way.

Plus, my laptop is in the computer hospital for an undetermined amount of time.

Thirsty Thursday - Old Time


Written on 5/08/2008 07:14:00 PM by Yvette St. John

I thought I'd do my "signature" drink, I guess you'd call it. Though I don't drink it all the time, it is the one thing that I consistently drink....others just come and go. Maybe I'll get into those another week ;) So introducing:

Southern Comfort Old Fashioned Sweet

1 oz Southern Comfort
1 tsp sugar
5 drops bitters
2 oz 7-Up® soda
1 splash grenadine syrup

Add drops of bitters to bottom of glass and stir in sugar. Once bitters and sugar are combined, add ice and pour in SoCo. Top off with 7-up/Sprite and add a splash of grenadine. Serve with cherries.

It's more common where I'm from to be a Brandy Old Fashioned, but I prefer the taste of Southern Comfort.

T-shirt Tuesday - Go ahead, wipe your hands on it


Written on 5/06/2008 09:36:00 PM by Julia O'Keeffe

It's nearing the end of crawfish season in southern Louisiana. Any crawfish boil is a messy occassion. If it isn't - you're not doing it right.

Why waste rolls of paper towels? Go green! As the makers of this shirt say:

Crawfish are ugly, bottom-feeding bugs . . . and they are wonderfully delicious. It is a right of passage to go to a boil and learn the process.

A shirt meant to be worn to a crawfish boil and free to be used as your napkin. Wipe your hands freely. It will just add to the design.

Pick, Pull, Suck, Pinch, Repeat.

From one of my favorite shops, Dirty Coast. No copyright infringement intended, just sharing the great designs.

T-Shirt Tuesday - A Pirates Life For Me


Written on 5/06/2008 08:37:00 PM by Yvette St. John

What can I say?

I laughed out loud when I saw this, and immediately thought: "I need that!!!" LOL

Available for order Here

Friday Fiction: A Story: A-Z


Written on 5/02/2008 10:19:00 PM by Y & J

Surfing the web, we found this great site with writing prompts. Thought this one sounded fun:

Let's write a story together. Add one sentence to help further the story (you can read the sentences before it to stay on theme). There is one catch: You must start your sentence with the alphabet letter that follows the one that started the prior sentence. For example, if the last sentence is "The sun was shining bright that morning," the first word of your sentence must start with a "U." (When it gets to "Z," start back again with "A.")

So, here's our start to it...we'll continue this until the story is complete. Julia's lines will be teal, Yvette's will be purple:

"Better late than never," is what people always say. Can't say they were especially right this time. During the last few months, I'd come to dread what was about to happen, and wished it would just go away. Everytime I thought about it, I got sick to my know, the big ass butterflies that want out...and I thought about it often. Forget about "mind over matter" when it's your mind that's the problem.

Gary rang the doorbell, just like every other morning, and I answered against my better judgement. He had that look -- the condecsending one that made me feel two feet tall. I let him in thinking: If he looks at me like that again I'm gonna...oh, who am I kidding, he's been looking at me like that for months now.

"Joining me for lunch today?" I asked him. Killing all my hope for that day he smirked and answered: "Of course."

"Let's go for sushi," I said hopefully, thinking at least that way I'd get something good out of the deal.

My thoughts wandered as he strolled around my apartment like he owned it and in a sense he did, because he "owned" me. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined dating an actor would turn out like this. Others envy me but they have no idea. Perhaps if I had realized just how insecure the industry made people, I would have thought twice about this.

"Quit thinking so much, we'll get sushi for lunch," he said as he opened the door for us to leave.

"Ready!" and with that, I tucked the camera in my bag.

To be continued....

Thirsty Thursday - I like it dirty...


Written on 5/01/2008 11:30:00 PM by Julia O'Keeffe

I have to feature my all-time favorite drink in my first Thirsty Thursday post.

The martini is traditionally made with gin and a splash of vermouth. Add a splash of olive "juice," and a couple of olives, stuffed or plain, and you have the Dirty Martini.

I could go into the history, the variations in qualities of gin, the benefits and drawbacks to various amounts of vermouth, the great controversy over shaking vs. stirring...

But really, it's simple: Follow the above instructions...drink...ENJOY.

Thirsty Thursday - Enchantress


Written on 5/01/2008 09:27:00 PM by Yvette St. John

This drink sounds interesting...


  • 1 Part Amaretto
  • 1 Part Creme de Cacao
  • 1 Part Triple Sec
  • 1 Splash Grenadine
  • Fill With Milk

Blending Instructions:

  • Combine alcoholic ingredients in glass over ice
  • Fill to top with milk, add splash of grenadine
  • Stir gently
I love amareto....I'm not entirely sure about the milk, but I may have to try this next time I'm at the bar ;)

T-Shirt Tuesday - The only reason to leave the house...


Written on 4/29/2008 08:33:00 PM by Julia O'Keeffe

I need one!

But I don't know if I'd ever have an occasion to wear it...

The Internet Was Closed... - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

T-Shirt Tuesday: Homeland Security


Written on 4/29/2008 07:13:00 PM by Yvette St. John

Surfing around the web a while back, and I find a picture of Johnny Depp wearing this shirt...

And I LOVE it! (It probably doesn't hurt that I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan *wink*) Then randomly, the other day, Julia sends me a link where Jonathan Rhys Meyers is saying he admires JD's style....and specifically mentions this shirt!

Available for order HERE. As WestWindWorld says "no indigenous people were exploited in the making of this shirt"

Johnny Depp owns one. Jonathan Rhys Meyers wants one. What more needs to be said? ;)

Movie Monday - "Tangled"


Written on 4/28/2008 08:48:00 PM by Julia O'Keeffe

A younger Jonathan.

He tries to talk without his accent. It sounds...different.

Rachel Leigh Cook reminds me of a goldfish. Or a Kewpie doll.

Alan (JRM) believes in the "beauty of the impulsive act"

So he stands on the roof of a moving car:

He smooshes a Twinkie on her face and licks it off.
A relationship is born:
(I just like the shot of his tongue.)

His college friend is in love with RLC's character, Jenny. Tells her Alan is trouble. Much "so-called life" dialogue. You know, the incredibly articulate, poetic, tortured stuff that was all the rage in the early 90s.

Alan responds thusly:

(The dialogue for this scene: "Yes, this is my ass, and I figured since this is how you see me....the people at Kinkos were none too happy..." On a kite. LMAO!)

Jenny sets up camera to take portrait for photography class. Alan decides this is opportunity to strip down to nothing:

Although I can't upload that picture, the scene is here. NSFW!

After that - lot of shit goes down - betrayal, drama, etc.

Big love triangle.

It was so-so till the end.

At one point I thought, "Heh, it's like an R-rated after-school special"

The ending was pretty good. In a psychological thriller, dark, puzzle solving kinda way.

The more time that passes since I've seen it, the more I want to see it again.

RATING: 4/5 = Putting it on the To Buy list!

Movie Monday - "Cry-Baby"


Written on 4/28/2008 08:17:00 PM by Yvette St. John

In honor of the Broadway musical opening on April 25th, I decided to do a review of the 1990 John Waters cult classic - Cry-Baby.

Johnny Depp is Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker, an Elvis inspired character, in a Grease type-ish movie.

Square Allison meets Drape "Cry-Baby" getting the Polio vaccination

The Cry-Baby gang meets up with Wanda's mother leaving school:
"Now remember kids, always look both ways before crossing a street..."

The Cry-Baby Gang: Milton, Hatchet-Face, Cry-Baby, Pepper (Rikki Lake), and Wanda (Traci Lords).

The Whiffles: Baldwin - and the nameless 3 (if they have names I haven't got a clue what they are)

Taking singing in the car to a whole new level (Singing to Gee by the Crows to Allison)

After the gang heads home (to Turkey Point) they come upon Uncle Belvidere (Iggy Pop) taking a bath in a barrel.

During the Talent Show: Baldwin sees Allison as his bride...

But she sees nothing but Cry-Baby.

Cry-Baby goes to the Talent Show to get Allison. It was a long bike ride.

Just One Night of Fun...
"Our bazooms are our weapons...."

The Kiss "Watch. It's easy. You your mouth...and I open mine...and we wiggle our tongues together." (Can JD come teach me??)

There's mayhem, fighting, court and then...
Playing guitar in juvenile detention on a tissue box

Cry-Baby hears disturbing news on the radio, and starts singing, instigating a "riot." Resulting in getting sprayed with a fire hose.

Attempting an escape Cry-Baby loses his pants....and ends up breaking into the juvie-barber.

Allison comes pleading for them to let her man go. Then: Look! A phone will break the glass!!

Baldwin (of the Whiffles) makes some nasty comments to Cry-Baby - who then challenges him to a game a chicken. "How 'bout you and me on TOP of the car?!"

...And a happy ending.

Some interesting facts from the movie extras:
Johnny Depp did this movie for a few reasons, John Waters (director) was one of his heroes, he loved the script, and it let him make fun of the image that he'd gotten doing 21 Jumpstreet (he hated that image).

Amy Locane (Allison) was 17 when she made this movie, and said that she'd kissed before, but not tons, so: "Johnny Depp pretty much taught me how to kiss. He was a really good kisser" :P (I'm jealous)

Johnny Depp does not sing in this movie. He lip syncs. And he was worried about the dance sequences: "I just don't dance. I don't get it. It's just not my thing." As the casting director put it "Johnny has two left feet, and is self-conscious of it."

While on set, the FBI came to arrest Traci Lords. Everyone on the set supported her, and said "Okay, where do we hide her." She was mortified by it. So everybody started saying "We've all been arrested....we've all been to jail." Almost every person on that set was arrested for something including: white slavery, grand theft auto, kidnapping, and even murder. JD was arrested for assault in Vancouver and said "I was in the pokey...for a few hours too many ;)"

I freakin' LOVE this movie. I had it for years on VHS, and wore out the tape. Finally bought it again on DVD. Definitely a must-see. Johnny Depp is great in it.

Fairs, Festivals & Foods - Oh My!


Written on 4/27/2008 01:42:00 AM by Yvette St. John

It’s finally spring! Birds are singing, snow has melted, rain is falling, my basement is flooding. It’s finally here! After a LONG winter, it’s most welcome too. I’m enjoying going outside without a 10lb coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. (It took me 20 minutes just to get all that on in the mornings!) Spring always puts me in mind of beautiful weather, playing with my dog, and the start of the fair and festival season.

I love fairs. I love festivals. During the season there’s one going on pretty much every weekend, and I usually end up at one twice a month. So much fun to be had in one place. Games to play – and yes, I know they’re rigged for you to lose, but that’s not the point – rides to ride, and my favorite part: The food!

A few years ago I went to the Wisconsin State Fair, for the first time even though I’ve lived in Wisconsin for my whole life. The food is the main attraction there…well that and the farm animal judging and auctions (although that’s not my cup of tea). So the food. That’s what I went for. Spent the whole day there, walking around, looking at food, eating food, smelling the food. Yep. It was great.

I’m sure the foods are different everywhere, but here in Wisconsin the foods tend to focus around three main staples: Meat, Cheese, and Dessert. Oh! Can’t forget the beer!

For the meat, you can get steak sandwiches, porkchop on a stick, burgers, gyros, bison burritos, corn-dogs, and of course beer brats. I had the best pulled pork sandwich there. Messy as heck, but hey, I wasn’t there to keep my hands clean.

Cheese is on everything there. It’s added to the meats, the baked potatoes, and the chili-cheese fries. Then you’ve got the cheese-on-a-stick. Pretty good, although nothing compares to my absolute favorite fair food. Fried cheese curds. Battered, gooey, salty, hot and awesome. My mouth waters just thinking about them, and I can’t wait to get to the first fair to order some.

The last main staple is dessert. I think a lot of these are pretty normal at fairs. Funnel cake, elephant ears, and ice cream. The best one, and the one that I usually get the most of are the cream puffs. I stood in line for over 20 minutes with 200 other people, waiting to get to one of 15 windows that were serving them. Zig-zaging through a mile long line to get a heavenly treat that melts in your mouth. The first time I ever had them I made the mistake of only getting one. Then had to go back and stand in line to get a six-pack to-go box.

I’m usually stuffed by the time the day’s over. And that’s fine. I don’t eat for the next few days, and it’s well worth it. I’m already looking for the schedule of the fairs for this year.

So if I visit someplace during fair season, be assured I’ll be there! What are some of your favorites? What’s an absolute must try?

What you're in for...


Written on 4/26/2008 12:21:00 AM by Y & J

Yvette: So, we were trying to decide on how to do the intro, but
Yvette: ran into a couple of .... shall we say, issues. ;)
Julia: we can't ever make decisions.
Yvette: Ever.
Yvette: Probably because we overthink things.
Yvette: And then do it all over again.
Julia: Except add to that, that we're total procastinators. So we put off the not-making of decisions.
Yvette: LOL. Very true.
Yvette: Why do today what we can put off until tomorrow?
Julia: Exactly. Except we really need to start posting here. No one wants to look at a blank page.
Yvette: Including us.
Julia: Especially us.
Julia:'s the intro post. Don't expect some eloquent, organized exposition on who we are or what we're about.
Yvette: Cuz you're not gonna get that.
Yvette: Oh, yeah. We tend to topic jump too. So when we do decide to do something, and do it now, then we keep getting off track.
Yvette: But at least we do it together - we have our own WiFi.
Julia: And if you like stream-of-consciousness thoughts, random video files, websites, observations on the world around us and info on all things Johnny Depp and Jonathan Rhys Meyers - you are SO in the right place.
Yvette: Oh absolutely!
Yvette: Because we'll cover all those topics and more
Yvette: I got a jar of dirt...
Julia: ...and guess what's inside it.
Yvette: Oh. Um. Sorry.
Yvette: Expect references to inane and funny things often.
Julia: And if you can't follow where it came from: ask.
Julia: We may or may not be able to give you that answer.
Yvette: With "may not" being a distinct possibility
Julia: Because, well, we live in our heads - (and each other's heads for that matter.) And because we've determined that real life...
Yvette: is overrated.