Thirsty Thursday - Old Time


Written on 5/08/2008 07:14:00 PM by Yvette St. John

I thought I'd do my "signature" drink, I guess you'd call it. Though I don't drink it all the time, it is the one thing that I consistently drink....others just come and go. Maybe I'll get into those another week ;) So introducing:

Southern Comfort Old Fashioned Sweet

1 oz Southern Comfort
1 tsp sugar
5 drops bitters
2 oz 7-Up® soda
1 splash grenadine syrup

Add drops of bitters to bottom of glass and stir in sugar. Once bitters and sugar are combined, add ice and pour in SoCo. Top off with 7-up/Sprite and add a splash of grenadine. Serve with cherries.

It's more common where I'm from to be a Brandy Old Fashioned, but I prefer the taste of Southern Comfort.

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