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Written on 5/02/2008 10:19:00 PM by Y & J

Surfing the web, we found this great site with writing prompts. Thought this one sounded fun:

Let's write a story together. Add one sentence to help further the story (you can read the sentences before it to stay on theme). There is one catch: You must start your sentence with the alphabet letter that follows the one that started the prior sentence. For example, if the last sentence is "The sun was shining bright that morning," the first word of your sentence must start with a "U." (When it gets to "Z," start back again with "A.")

So, here's our start to it...we'll continue this until the story is complete. Julia's lines will be teal, Yvette's will be purple:

"Better late than never," is what people always say. Can't say they were especially right this time. During the last few months, I'd come to dread what was about to happen, and wished it would just go away. Everytime I thought about it, I got sick to my know, the big ass butterflies that want out...and I thought about it often. Forget about "mind over matter" when it's your mind that's the problem.

Gary rang the doorbell, just like every other morning, and I answered against my better judgement. He had that look -- the condecsending one that made me feel two feet tall. I let him in thinking: If he looks at me like that again I'm gonna...oh, who am I kidding, he's been looking at me like that for months now.

"Joining me for lunch today?" I asked him. Killing all my hope for that day he smirked and answered: "Of course."

"Let's go for sushi," I said hopefully, thinking at least that way I'd get something good out of the deal.

My thoughts wandered as he strolled around my apartment like he owned it and in a sense he did, because he "owned" me. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined dating an actor would turn out like this. Others envy me but they have no idea. Perhaps if I had realized just how insecure the industry made people, I would have thought twice about this.

"Quit thinking so much, we'll get sushi for lunch," he said as he opened the door for us to leave.

"Ready!" and with that, I tucked the camera in my bag.

To be continued....

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